About the Wichita Carnegie Library

The Wichita Carnegie Library is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and stands as a connection to Wichita’s cultural history. Opened May 14, 1915, the building served as Wichita’s main library until 1967. Today, the fully-restored Wichita Carnegie Library is part of Fidelity Bank’s headquarters and houses the bank’s commercial lending division. Fidelity Bank is a fourth-generation family-owned institution with offices in the Wichita, Kansas City and Oklahoma City metro areas. Fidelity purchased the library in 2006 and embarked on a three-year restoration campaign, reopening in 2009. Great efforts were made to preserve the historical character of the library, renovate the interior into usable space and incorporate artistic elements that celebrate the cultural importance of the building.

CarnegieTodayIcon2Carnegie Today

Explore the fully-restored Carnegie Library building and see how the landmark was converted to a functioning workplace while maintaining the structure’s historic character.

100thAnniversaryIcon3100th Anniversary

The Wichita Carnegie Library celebrated its centennial in 2015. Learn about the historical significance of the library and how we celebrated 100 years of this influential building in Wichita.