Because its purpose extended beyond the housing of books, the Wichita Carnegie Library was referred to as a “Temple of Learning.” Works of art are as much a part of the structure as the foundation and the stone walls. Many great works have adorned the library, including a stunning plaster frieze dedicated to the memory of Louise Caldwell Murdock, the patron of the arts who led the design of the library’s interior.

The building itself is a work of neoclassical art, integrating sculpture and classic details into its façade and grand spaces. Restoration efforts preserved much of the architectural artistry through using reclaimed materials and commissioning hand-fabricated elements recreated from historic photos.

Today the library has many works on display. We invite you to experience a sampling of the Carnegie's art in the photo albums below. Also included is a look at the Murdock collection, which resides at the Wichita Art Museum. This collection serves as a companion to the Carnegie Library, as both are enduring treasures of the Murdock family legacy.