Articles about the Wichita Carnegie Library in the Wichita Eagle/Beacon

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(Wichita Eagle, Sept 30, 1915)

 First there is the struggle for bread and butter, second there is an effort made for more commodious and convenient homes and businesses houses, and third there is the provision for schools, colleges, and libraries. Such is the natural evolution in the growth of towns and cities and Wichita has reached the third stage, the development of cultural life, according to Dr. A.M. Brodie...


Brothers’ preservation efforts bring honor to Wichita Carnegie Library

(Wichita Eagle, July 26, 2010)

When it opened nearly a century ago with a $75,000 grant from Andrew Carnegie, the Wichita Carnegie Library was considered a temple of fine taste and culture.
City leaders deemed it not only a centerpiece of learning but a turning point for Wichita from cowtown to metropolis.