A library. A house of knowledge and art. A courthouse. A science museum. A commercial banking office. The Wichita Carnegie Library building has served many purposes throughout its existence. Born by a gift from one of America’s foremost philanthropists and the passion of a local patron of the arts, the Carnegie Library sparked Wichita’s cultural renaissance. As a metropolis grew up around it, the building remained a connection to the past and an inspiration for community progress. The story of the Carnegie Library is the story of Wichita itself—a vision realized through dedication and hard work, enduring over time and symbolizing the shared endeavor to realize our great potential.

We invite you to experience the history of the building, meet the people who made it possible and relive the restoration effort:

Andrew Carnegie

People of Carnegie

What do a titan of industry, an interior designer and an artist have in common? They all played key roles in the creation and preservation of the Wichita Carnegie Library.


Carnegie Restored

In 2006, restoration efforts commenced to restore the Wichita Carnegie Library to its original grandeur and ensure that the landmark continues to enrich the lives of generations to come.