ADAM CAPPS BAND – Wednesday, October 3

Wichita native Adam Capps first single from his self-titled EP was “I Call it Home” becasme the number one requested song for fans of the Adam Capps Band. Capps has shared the stage with some of country’s greatest stars like Billy Currington and Big and Rich.  With two albums in their catalogue, the Adam Capps Band’s blend of classic rock, country and southern rock has become a sound that isn’t like anything on the radio today.

TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON – Wednesday, September 26

Truckstop Honeymoon lived the life they sing about. Touring across three continents with four kids and a truck load of songs, Katie and Mike West told stories about the strangeness of everyday life. Their music combined elements of bluegrass, music hall jazz and straight up rock ’n’ roll. Truckstop Honeymoon have released eight CDs and a full length documentary film on Baton Rouge label, Squirrel Records.


Our second concert featured Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy. Their high energy sound blending punk, bluegrass and Dixieland was born right here in Wichita, KS. CNS has built an international following by playing more than 250 shows in 40 states and completing a European tour.