Great care was taken to preserve the unique character of the Carnegie Library Building’s interior and honor the original design work of Louise Caldwell-Murdock. Diligent research helped ensure the historical accuracy of the renovation. Important aspects of the interior work include:

  • Hand-fabricated chandeliers and wall sconces based on rare vintage photos
  • A custom run of hexagonal and mosaic tiles manufactured to replicate the original flooring
  • Tender restoration of the original quarter-sawn oak bookshelves
  • Refurbished coffered art glass skylights in the north and south wings of the second floor, backlit to recreate the original effect of the Kansas sunlight
  • Ornate stenciling on the ceilings applied by hand based off of remnants and historic photos
  • A coffee table and side table crafted from two sections of discovered railings from the library book stacks
  • Replicas of the original sunflower stained glass windows created from the designs of Elizabeth Stubblefield Navas by the City of Wichita
  • Two replica columns faux-painted to match the look of six existing marble columns on the first floor
  • Carefully preserved period radiators still standing in their original mountings, which, while no longer functional, help retain the building’s original design
  • A plaster frieze made by renowned sculptor Bruno Zimm in honor of Louise Caldwell-Murdock
  • A modern HVAC system to regulate the environment of the building
  • Discreetly installed state of the art audio visual equipment and fiber optics
  • A variety of paintings and prints from regional artists which complement the building’s cultural heritage
  • A modern walkway connecting the Wichita Carnegie Library to the Fidelity Bank Building